Team Resources

Being part of a F.I.R.S.T. team is all about being part of a community that is continually expanding and growing. In the spirit of this notion we have made a Team Resources page with all of our resources available to public. We hope whoever sees this may find our resources useful for their purposes and we will continue to update this page with detailed documentation of our resources.
This is our section for all our documentation and resources related to our robots. Currently we have 2 robots, Hali and Talon 1, that we have taken to competition. Hali is our newest robot from the 2013-2014 FRC Aerial Assist competition while Talon 1 is from the 2012-2013 FRC Ultimate Ascent competition. We hope this page will help all those on the quest to build Robots.
This is our page for all our software resources. We know from experience how hard programming is and so we will provide full documentation for all our code and all our projects that use the code.
This page is for our projects that we do off season and during the season that are not entirely related to the FRC competition. This includes projects such as our battery cart which helped us greatly during competition and we hope anyone can use this page to improve their team too.