2014 Outreach Events

We perform and attend what we call "Outreach Events" whenever the opportunity arises. Outreach events entail visiting schools, museums, or other places of learning and displaying our robots and the types of activities that we partake in as a FIRST team. These outreach events spread STEM education and core values to the upcoming generation to lead to a more prosperous community. One of our main missions is not only to spread STEM education, but to also instill core values such as Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®. We are inspired to help our community in any shape, form, or way.

Science is Fun

Science for Fun is a week long summer camp in which children get to do innovative hands-on activities. We were invited to present our robots to these up and coming scientists, and in doing so, we hoped to inspire these wonderful boys and girls. We wanted to educate and generate interest in the STEM fields.

North Carolina Tech Day

NC Tech day was an event that gave North Carolina teams an opportunity to speak with congressmen and congresswomen about the role of STEM education in the classroom. We advocated for the advanced opportunities FIRST provides; from speaking to local senators to the NC Speaker of the House, we showed lawmakers the power of STEM and FIRST.

Engineering Day at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham

This year, we got another opportunity to showcase our robot at the NC Museum of Life Sciences. We worked with other teams, namely Team 435 RoboDogs and Team 2059 The Hitchhikers. It was a great day, as over 100 people came in and talked to us about what we do. As kids were driving the robot and parents were engaged as they learned more about FIRST, we knew we were making an impact. It also felt great knowing that this event supported one of our local museums and we were contributing to the museum's efoorts to educate visitors about science and STEM.

Project Unify Collaboration

The RoboEagles partnered with our school's Project Unify club to host an event that taught mentally challenged students attending Enloe High School about FIRST Robotics. During this event, we not only taught these students about FIRST and our team, but we also showed them how much fun robotics and STEM was by allowing them to interact with the various robots we had built up until that point.

Read to L.E.A.D.

Our new outreach program, Read to L.E.A.D., gives us the opportunity to give back to the community. Located in Downtown Raleigh, there are many less fortunate children who do not have the resources or even the expectations to succeed in STEM education. As a result, we partnered with the NCSU Women's Center to work with kids in grades K-8 to begin the process for the children to grow in STEM.

Maker Faire

Maker Faire is the culmination of hundreds of innovators assembling in the NC Fairgrounds Exposition Center to demonstrate, display, and dazzle. Participants enter the room and are blown away by the variety of stalls set up, ranging from Lockpick Village to a Learn to Solder workshop to a Learn to Weave activity. At this event, we were invited to show the community, along with two other FRC teams, our robots. We had a great time teaching young children how to drive the robot and even played catch with some of them!

Macedonia United Methodist Church

We were invited to present at the Macedonia United Methodist Church during a children's Vacation Bible School Camp. We excited the children about STEM with our 2014 Season robot and 2 vex robots that our members had created as individual projects. The children were thrilled to be able to drive the smaller robots and were taken aback by the size of our 2014 season robot. They seemed to have a great time playing catch and driving the larger robot.

Cisco Family Day

Cisco Family day was a collection of the employees' families relaxing and spending time at the various stalls and attractions at the event. We, the Enloe RoboEagles, were one of a few teams who helped represent FIRST. We set up a station to present our robots to the many parents and and families that stopped by, and gave children an opportunity to drive and shoot the robot. Everyone who stopped by had a great time and enjoyed learning about FIRST Robotics.