We perform and attend what we call "Outreach Events" whenever the opportunity arises. Outreach events entail visiting schools, museums, or other places of learning and displaying our robots and the types of activities that we partake in as a FIRST team. These outreach events spread STEM education and core values to the upcoming generation to lead to a more prosperous community. One of our main missions is not only to spread STEM education, but to also instill core values such as Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®. We are inspired to help our community in any shape, form, or way.

2013 Outreach Events

Starting in 2013, we started to organize and participate in outreach events. We attended a few events here and there after the competition season. After examining how much of a positive impact we had on the community, we realized that this should be a primary component to our robotics team. From this year on, we plan on expanding this field more and more in the coming seasons!

2014 Outreach Events

This year, we grew our outreach branch exponentially. We felt as if we had a huge impact on the community, spreading STEM and instilling core values into our community. We invested more time and energy into this field to benefit the community at large. We made it a central focus to encourage the future generation to pursure STEM and related careers, to better our community as a whole.