No Robot Left Behind

The RoboEagles strive to promote STEM in the community, and to better do that, they have created a system known as No Robot Left Behind. In this, they help create as many FIRST teams in the community. They do this by holding parent interest meetings for those interested in FLL. Then, they support the teams as long as possible through mentorship. Attending meetings, teaching the members, and helping support the teams are some of the things we love doing.

Teams We Mentor

The Daring Dolphins

A Team comprised of 4th Grade Girls who love Robotics, they are brand new and are excited for World Class!


A team of 5 4th graders, the BlockHeads are a motivated group of young individuals who strive to do their best in their first year.


The RoboWhisperers have experience, and want their second year to be their best. An all-girls team, they excel in everything they put their heart and soul into.


The RoboCops are a large team full of excited kids. World Class is their first challenge, and they are balancing their resources to ensure their team's success.

Teams We Have Mentored


The Robobots were a team full of enthusiastic students, parents, and coaches. Everyone was dedicated and the team became a solid model of FIRST ideals. They ended up placing first in the NC FLL tournament, and competed at the FLL World Festival. There, they managed to win a Judges Award, celebrating their efforts. It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved and the RoboEagles were incredibly proud of the team.

The Legendary Robotician

The Legendary Roboticians were a group of young middle school girls who competed in the FIRST Lego League Challenge. They competed in the regional competition and placed first in the project section. The theme of that year's challenge was Nature's Fury, teams would have to come up with a unique solution to the major problem of natural disaster. Their winning idea consisted of an inflatable door which could be inflated in times of emergency to keep people away from harm.