What is Robotics Education?

One of the main endeavors of FIRST and the RoboEagles is to spread and promote STEM education and to instill core values, such as Gracious Professionalism®, into the community. To support the endeavor of FIRST and to pursue our personal goal, we have taken upon ourselves to teach the ones around us about the upcoming fields of STEM. While doing this, we incorporate core values into anything we do, spreading the messages of Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism® as well. We have multiple means of doing this, which includes attending outreach events, hosting robotics camps and parties, and much more!


Another big part of the RoboEagles is their mentorship program. As a team, they love promoting STEM by being hands-on, and they do that through mentoring other FIRST teams, primarily FLL. By creating teams, they bring the world of FIRST to more of the local community. The RoboEagles take huge pride in this part of the team. However, they don’t just stop there. Thanks to the No Robot Left Behind program, the RoboEagles promise to continually support all younger teams they begin via mentorship. The RoboEagles mentor all FLL teams they start, and plan to continue the practice in the future.


Outreach events are a key part of our robotics team. We strive to affect our community in the most positive way possible. At these outreach events, we attempt to spread STEM education throughout the community to benefit future generations, to better the overall community. Also, we incorporate core values such as Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism® into everything we do in an attempt to spread these within our community and on a larger scale as well.


RoboCamps are one of the RoboEagles’ signature programs. Each summer the team holds half-day camps that simulate the FLL season for the campers over the course of a week. Each day the counselors have the campers engage themselves by a short session of teaching, and a longer period of exploration. The counselors all have large experience with FLL, and love teaching. Last year, the team collaborated with a sponsor, GradePower Learning to host the camps. The team is now expanding to do Thanksgiving and Christmas break camps. The RoboEagles love working with the campers, and they have loved the camps throughout the years. We currently opened a sign up to our Mathnasium Camps that we will be hosting this summer. For more information or to signup, please visit: https://goo.gl/forms/XbKq9aUWqpmGi1Nq2.


RoboParties is a novel idea conceived by our team to host robot-themed birthday parties. RoboParties is an innovative way of teaching in that it presents education in an extremely fun and relaxed format. Here, we encourage kids to learn, we teach a few lessons of robotics, and inspire them to have fun and create whatever they desire to build. Using what they learn about robotics from us, they use create their own creative robots. We have found that kids love this idea and we plan on rolling with it. Please click on the link above to find out more!


RoboAcademy is a completely open-source educational site built for the purpose of sharing knowledge about various aspects of starting and maintaining an FRC, FTC, or FLL team. This includes technical aspects such as electrical, mechanical, and programming techniques, as well as external activities, such as fundraising, media production, and obtaining grants and sponsorships. In the spirit of FIRST, we encourage other teams to contribute knowledge that they find useful to this site in order to build an organized, reputable knowledge base. As every team has a topic that they excel at, we hope to gather the very best information available to the FIRST community. This site was originally designed by the Swift Creek RoboEagles and the underlying concept for RoboAcademy was derived from the popular learning website Khan Academy.