Roboeagle’s Meetings 1/7/14 and 1/9/14

January 7th-9th, 2014 On Tuesday everyone was pumped for our first meetings after kick-off at ECU. We started the meeting by recapping what we had learned the previous weekend. The game is aerial assist, challenging but so cool. We definitely wanted our robot to be able to assist, but did we want to try to throw it over the truss? Do we want to catch the balls to get those 10-extra points? We split into our respective subgroups where mechanical, programming, business and media and sponsor and outreach. A heavy emphasis was put on getting a design ready and quick, and reaching out to sponsors for support. We decided to continue updating the website by adding our new pictures from kick-off and the human player game (they are priceless) and linking this blog. We discussed the deadline for the coming logo, and ideas for t-shirts and buttons. The next segment was marked by a heated debate over strategy. “Should the robot be light and speedy?” “No, it has to be sturdy.” “Do we need a low center of gravity?” We mapped out on white boards the ways in which to achieve the maximum number of points. We assembled a game plan and then went back to the debate. What aiming system should we use? After an hour of this, when everyone had a pretty good idea of our direction we dismissed. We all came back on Thursday ready to start designing. We once again split into 5 groups: Catching/receiving, loading, throwing and shooting. Each group came up with a design and plan for their assignment and then presented their white board to the entire team. We discussed pro’s and con’s for each plan before deciding which we would attempt to prototype. This we would be our last meeting before the long ordeal that is midterms. Until next time!

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