Meeting 1/18

January 18th, 2014 It’s our first Saturday work day at school since kick-off at ECU. Members came bright and early at 9 a.m. with their coffee and computers ready for a long day of prototyping, editing, reading, building and staring at computer screens. The Business and Media and Sponsorship and out reach groups took to their laptops to update sponsor lists, our brochure, website-and yes,

this blog. meeting 118 girls Mechanical Engineering started building our first prototype with our new Mecanum wheels. A second monitor screen was brought in to maximize learning and time management. The table was covered with screws, bolts and wheels. Programming continued their work, while business and media created scripts for phone conversations, emails, business plans, and a power point showcasing our team and mission. meeting 118 building We built our first prototypes from K’nex and played with the game ball to getting ideas for our final design and simulate a miniature version of the game. meeting 118 prototype Till next time!!

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