Getting Ready for Worlds!

By: Akaash Sanyal, Teja Peddada, and Jeffrey Matthew

Hey guys! Worlds is just around the corner! We are so grateful to be given this opportunity to compete at such a prestigious event! This month has been a roller-coaster ride for us. We have competed in three district competitions where we won the Creativity Award, Judges Award and the Engineering Inspiration Award. As a result, we qualified for the State Championship in Charlotte. At this competition, we were able to win the Engineering Inspiration Award and advance to compete at the World stage in St. Louis. To get to St. Louis, we set up a number of different fundraisers such as car-washes, an orchestra concert, and a garage sale. We have a donation link at

We’re very excited to compete. Only six of our members have experienced Worlds before and this is perfect opportunity for our team to grow! We’ll keep you updated as to how the competition goes!

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