February 24

Today’s the start of a brand new week! We bagged the robot last week (on Tuesday) and now we are preparing for our competition on March 13. We are in the process of doing several things, including: building a new chassis, testing the new chassis and the new launcher and loader system we built, and working on the extensive code for the robot. The first picture is a new member, Aditya working on a part of the new chassis. The second picture is Teja and Mr. Dunko (a new mentor) working on the new chassis (with the pneumatic system and the new electrical board). The third picture is Shrikar and Olamide working on the second launcher system. The fourth picture is a wide angle shot of the bottom floor of the workshop working diligently! The final picture is the Programming team looking over the extensive code for our robot! 17 days till competition! Till next time! ImageImageImageImageImage

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