Build Day 1/20

January 20th, 2014

Today the team met at Mr. Nolte’s house to build our 2 identical bases/chassis. We build two so that we have multiple bases to practice and prototype on. One built with a kit of parts and one with 6″ mecanum wheels. We also began prototyping our launchers.



The Business and media group also discussed souvenirs for competition and outreach, and care packages for rookie teams. Debates ensued over metallic gold or yellow wrist bands, and blade runner movie or batman font? Eventually it was all finalized and we got a really great deal! On to the next question…….What’s our button design? Image

Our business plan is coming together nicely as is our sponsor spreadsheet! We filled out our sponsorship forms for Dick’s sporting goods and other businesses in the area. We also printed out our sponsorship levels, team brochures, and fliers to begin handing out as we start meeting with potential business partners and sponsors.


Until next time!

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