Bag Day!

February 18th, 2014 It’s been roughly 12 days since the last blog post but a lot has changed since then. February 18 is the end of a long and arduous build season. It’s really hard to believe that six weeks has gone by but we

did it! It took roughly 2 weeks to finally come up with a feasible design (thanks to midterms) and start the building process. The middle picture is our finalized robot. If you can see, there are pool noodles surrounding the corners to prevent the robot from tearing the bag (the bag cannot have any tears prior to competition). The picture on the far right is our robot in the bag. There is a little red seal that cannot be broken and has a specific serial number designated to our team. We cannot touch the bag and we will let it sit in the corner of our shop till the day before competition. The picture to the far left is our second chassis which we will complete and do our testing up until competition day. There are a lot of things to do between now and competition day and we hope to keep the positive momentum rolling. Till next time! Chassis #2 Finished robot! Robot in the bag!

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