2016 Season


STRONGHOLD is a medieval-themed game played by two Alliances of three robots each. Robots are to cross defenses located in the middle of the field and then shoot boulders into the enemy tower, thus weakening their defenses. During this quest, robots are to defend their own towers and gather boulders from the human player. At the end of each quest, during the last 20 seconds of the round, robots may surround and scale the enemy tower. The alliance with the most points wins the round.

This year our team has created a robot with 10.7 inch pneumatic wheels along with a vision tracking software for our shooter. This year we attended three districts competitions, Wake County, Asheville, and Johnston County.
At the Wake County event our team won the Creativity award, at Asheville we were honored to receive FIRST's second highest award, the Engineering Inspiration award. At Johnston county we won the Judge's award. At the state level competition held in Charlotte we were thrilled to be one of the two teams to win the Engineering Inspiration award, winning this award qualified us to attend the International Championship in St. Louis.

At St. Louis we were honored to be picked by the top alliance in the Archimedes division. We went on to be champions of the Archimedes division. We also won the FedEx Innovation Challenge.

As part of the FIRST Parody competition this year, our team created a song based on "Forever" by Drake. Hope you enjoy!


Primary Mentors:

Mentor: Robert Nolte
School Advisor: Heather Shotwell
Mentor: Greg Dunko
Mentor: Bill Moore

Secondary Mentors:

Mentor: Coleman Blake
Parent Mentor: Jai Mathur
Alumni Mentor: Shrikar Nunna
Alumni Mentor: Visrut Sudhakar
Mentor: Jacques Rioux

Board Members:

Head of Engineering/Electrical:
Ibrahim Abdeally

Head of Computer Aided Design:
Jacob Van de Putte

Head of Programming:
Ben Dunko

Head of Business and Media:
Harshal Singh

Head of Sponsorship and Outreach:
Jaspal Singh


Aditya Natarajan
Akaash Sanyal
Akanksha Singh
Akash Jain
Akhilesh Neeruganti
Alka Manoj
Amogh Natu
Ani Sankaran
Armaan Sethi
Ben Dunko
Caleb Xu
Cameron Ogle
Cecilia Poston
Eddie Neri
Elisa Moore

Eric Feigin
Fahad Shah
Harshal Singh
Ibrahim Abeally
Jackie Chen
Jacob Van de Putte
Jaspal Singh
Jeffrey Matthew
Joseph Ryan
Kyla Qi
Leeban Ali
Meghna Sharma
Muthukurisil Arivoli
Naomi Johnston
Nihar Vaidya
Nikhil Simha

Nitish Gandi
Parth Patel
Pavan Dayal
Rohan Krishnamoorthy
Rohan Prabhu
Rohini Sharma
Ruthvik Pedibhotla
Sahil Krishna Karuturi
Shaan Gondalia
Shivangi Jha
Shubham Mathur
Surya Shanmugam
Teja Peddada
Vinithra Sudhakar
Vivek Malneedi