2013 Season

Rookie Season:

Challenge: Ultimate Ascent
Summary: ULTIMATE ASCENT is played by two competing alliances on a flat, 27 x 54 foot field. Each Alliance consists of three robots, and they compete to score as many discs into their goals as they can during a two (2)-minute and fifteen (15)-second match. The higher the goal in which the disc is scored, the more points the Alliance receives.


We performed fairly well considering the fact that we were a rookie team. As the alliances were being picked, we were thrilled to be chosen by the highest ranked alliance, which up to our pick consisted of Team 435 Robodogs and Team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem. Our alliance came out on top, declaring us NC Regional Winners and allowing us to advance and participate in the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. Here, we attended multiple workshops, which helped us learn from different international teams. Since then, we have taken this experience and utilized it in later seasons.

Also, we were a team in the winning alliance of Thundering Herd Of Robots (THOR), an offseason competition! We can’t wait to participate in this brand new offseason event next year with our fellow local FRC teams!

Pictures from this Season!


Mentor: Robert Nolte

School Advisor/Mentor: Julia Kohn

Board Members:

President: Varun Mavilla

Vice President: Shrikar Nunna

Secretary: Ani Kolla

Head of Engineering: Thomas Nolte

Head of Business and Media: Shantan Krovvidi

Head of Programming: Mitas Ray

Team Members:

Ibrahim Abdeally
Revanth Challuru
Ani Kolla
Rohan Krishnamoorthy
Shantan Krovvidi
Tommy Luo
Varun Mavilla
Thomas Nolte
Shrikar Nunna
Teja Peddada

Team Members:

Andy Rather
Mitas Ray
Chase Roycroft
Ani Sankaran
Akaash Sanyal
Armaan Sethi
Shantanu Sharma
Harshal Singh
Visrut Sudhakar


Talon is our team’s first ever robot built to complete the Ultimate Ascent challenge. The goal for this challenge was to throw Frisbees into goals.

On this robot, we went with tank drive using the FRC 2013 Drive Chassis sold by Andy Mark. Frisbees are inserted into the robot on one side and slide down to fit 2 frisbees. When a button is pressed on the driver station, a Frisbee is loaded into the shooter using wheels programmed to spin just long enough to only load one Frisbee. Once the driver is ready to shoot, they push a button programmed to turn on two sets of wheels which spin very fast to launch the frisbee. Then, when the trigger button on the driver station is pushed, a kicker mechanism on the robot kicks the frisbee in front of the wheels throwing the Frisbee. The angle on the shooter can be adjusted as well using some rails that are mounted with motors. The two sides of the launcher both have rails allowing the angle of the launcher to be adjusted for different situations.