1/17/14: A Day of Waiting, Logos, and Websites.

January 17th, 2014

After a long week of tough midterms, the pent up excitement over the upcoming build season could barely be contained in everyone. Taking the opportunity of the last day of midterms ending early, the team met to work on some of the many things that needed to be done. Starting it off however, was a long time of waiting as there were many team members that were still taking exams requiring us to wait and we used the time wisely and discussed strategy.

Once everyone was ready to work we began reviewing over what we needed to. We began with deliberation on the logos for the NC FIRST and for the Robo-Eagles themselves. There was talk on things like the color scheme and various other things, but the task remained surprisingly difficult due to the amount of regulations and rules that were meant to be followed.

To take a quick break, the team’s hungry mouths quickly devoured a large amount of pizza and began discussion on the team’s website. We learned the functions and tools of the website and how to properly use it. Having a website for the team gives it a major advantage as we can properly organize and communicate our ideas with the other members of the team.

Once all of this discussion was finished, we split up into the 4 subgroups: mechanical, programming, business and outreach, and electrical. Here, we worked on the various aspects of the team and of the robot that each group specialized in.

All in all, we had a very productive meeting and hopefully this will give us a look towards the future. We hope to continue our productive meetings into the long weekend.

Till next time!

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